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How we learn in nursery

In Nursery we learn through play and playful activities (for example, going on a listening walk, looking for shapes in the outdoor environment and making constructions). We have guided learning sessions with our teachers throughout the day in small groups. We gather together to sing songs, play games and listen to stories. Each half term our learning begins with a topic as a starting point to engage and inspire the children. Within this is the opportunity for the children’s own interests to develop and direct the course that the topic will take.


The Early Years Curriculum

In Nursery we follow the EYFS curriculum which is based around the following seven areas of learning:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

We also plan activities and resource our environment to encourage children to develop their own ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’. Beginning to develop these skills, such as perseverance, taking a risk, thinking critically and making links, will equip them as learners throughout school and beyond.

Learn more about the Early Years curriculum.



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What to bring to Nursery

  • A full change of spare clothes - Please ensure each item is named and available at Nursery every day (these can be left in a bag on your child’s peg)
  • A pair of welly boots (again please label these with your child’s name and leave at Nursery on the welly racks)
  • A warm, waterproof coat
  • A sunhat (during the spring/summer months)
  • A bag/book bag for your child’s drawings/paintings etc and letters
  • If your child is still in nappies please provide spare nappies, nappy bags and wipes.


Items we provide

  • Snack – a  piece of fruit or vegetable (carrots, tomatoes, bananas, apples, pears, tangerines and raisins)
  • Milk and water (water provided  in a named water bottle)


Important Information - session timings


Morning session: 9am - 12pm, afternoon session: 12pm - 3pm

Lunchtime is from 12.15pm - 12.45pm. Children who join for the afternoon session will have lunch with us. Children can bring a packed lunch or order a school meal.


Morning sessions only: 8:45 - 11:45am




Tapestry is a secure online Learning Journal to record photos, observations and comments, in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, to build up a record of your child’s experiences during their time with us. This system allows us to work with parents and carers to share information and record the children’s play and learning in and outside of the classroom.


What are the benefits?

The benefits of Tapestry being online is that by logging on with a secure username and password you will be able to view all of your children’s observations, photographs and even videos almost as soon as they happen! This will enable you to follow your child’s individual progress closely and talk about these achievements with your child. In addition to viewing our contributions, we encourage you to add to it by uploading photos and comments or commenting on observations that have been made by us. We would love to find out about the learning that your child enjoyed and also the fantastic events and learning that happen at home!

Where do I start?

The first step is to complete a Tapestry permission form and return it to the School Office. We will then create a Tapestry account for you and send you an email containing instructions on activating your account online, creating a password and setting up PIN access. If you do not receive the email within 48 hours please check your 'Junk mail' folder before contacting the Office.

Once you have activated your account you will be able to access it from your computer. Alternatively, if you have an iPhone/iPad please visit the iTunes store and download the Tapestry app from the Education section (search for Tapestry Mobile). If you have an Android/Tablet, search for Tapestry Learning Journal in the Google Play Store and download.

Login using your email address and the password created previously.

How do I change my settings on the computer?

At the top right of your screen you will see your name, and selecting this will give you the option to ‘Edit Preferences’. Choose this option and you will be presented with a screen giving you the option to change your email address and password. You also have the option to receive an email whenever a new observation is added to your child’s Learning Journal – just tick or untick the relevant box if you would like to change this setting.

How do I change my settings on iPhone/iPad/Android?

To change your settings on the iPhone/iPad app, click the 'gear' button on the top right hand side of the application. This enables you to change password and/or email address.

Who can access my Child’s Learning Journal?

The school has access to all of the children’s Learning Journals. The only other people that can see your child’s account will be yourselves and anyone that you share your log in details with, such as Grandparents etc. If your child is featured in a group observation, their photo may appear in another child’s Learning Journal.

If you do not want your child’s photo to be visible in anyone else’s account without your permission then please let us know.