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Newnham Class - Mrs Bryant and Ms Coppola. TA - Miss Lawson

It was wonderful to see so many people at our Phonics Cafe on Tuesday. We hope that you got a bit of insight into how we teach phonics to the children at Trumpington Meadows as well as giving you a few ideas of things to work on at home with your child. Thank you for coming: your time is much appreciated.

This week your child has come home with:

1. A phonics folder. This contains worksheets that the children are using to support their learning of alphabetic code and their sounds. Please make sure that this folder is brought to school EVERY MONDAY and it will be brought home for you to look at and work on with your child every weekend. 

2. A Reading Book. This will be at an easier level than the library books that the children generally choose for themselves. Your child probably won't be able to read it independently, yet, but now that they are learning phonics, there will be some simple words that they should be starting to read (such as 'pat', 'tap', 'at', 'it'. Please encourage and praise them with their reading

3. A Reading Record Book.  This is for you to make a few notes about how you feel your child is reading with you at home. Please note their specific successes (or difficulties). We expect you to be reading with your child little and often - just 5 or 10 minutes every day is better than 1/2 an hour once a week.

We still do not have a Class Rep. Please would you consider offering your time - we need someone to act as a liaison between the PTA and Newnham Class. Thank you.