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Mon 4th - Thurs 7th May (bank holiday on Friday 8th May)


Monday 4th to Thursday 7th May 

Dear Year One

We know that while we are in lockdown it is very hard to complete work at home, but if you do the tasks set it will help when we return to school. We would like to if you are enjoying the task we set and which ones you are finding hard, we are checking on Education City to see who is logging in!  We have been overwhelmed by the amount of information that has been sent to us and are selecting websites and information we feel best suits your children. 

This week we would like to share another website with you, Oxford Owl e-books:

You will need to register, free, at this website and your child will have access to over 100 books. Some books have challenges and comprehension questions which can be answered, this will check your child’s understanding of a text. We would suggest you click on the age range 5-6, but if your child is confidently reading these please click on age 6-7. It is more important that your child can read confidently and happily than be expected to read a challenging book which may put them off reading for a while. Reading needs to be enjoyed and fun.

Move further down the page and use the drop down menu for age range, there are 107 for age 5-6

I clicked on Dragon bay, first your child could read the story independently, then listen to the audio. there are instructions at the front of the book to explain which sounds we are focusing on and at the back some questions and speed words for them to sound out. We hope you find this resource helpful.

We would love to hear from you perhaps every 2 weeks, see rota below. For example, if your family name is Williams (W)  then we would like to hear from you 4th-7th May and 18th – 22nd May, but if your family name is Gordon (G), then we would like to hear from you 18th 22nd May. Please email our school office, this way they won’t have too many emails, thank you for your cooperation. 

Family name

4th – 7th May

8th Bank holiday

11th – 15th May

18th – 22nd May

25th -29th May

Half Term

A – M

no this week this week not this week  

N - Z

this week  not this week this week  


It would be good if you could exercise, Joe Wicks (You Tube) or look on the CBeebies website where there are a choice of different presenters. 

Do as much as you can, but enjoy your learning. Don’t forget, there are lots of fun activities to do in Education City!

We have added a book about the Coronavirus which you could read with your child to help them understand why we are not at school. 


This week we will focus on the ‘igh’ ‘ai’ sounds.. Here are a few fun ideas that would support this at home. If you are not sure of a sound check it on alphablocks ‘igh’


- Make your own phonics posters for the sounds - what words can you think of that use the igh and ai sound? Represent these on a poster using pictures.

- Go on a object hunt to find things around the house that have these sounds within them - eg tights, sail 

- Use Phonics Play/ Education City to play games that will support the understanding of these sounds.

- Challenge - think of other ways we have learnt to spell the igh and ai sound. Give yourself 2 minutes to think of as many words as you can that use different ai sounds and then 2 minutes for different igh sounds. After you have collected the words, sort them into piles for each different spelling of the igh and ai sound. 


We hope you enjoyed our task last week to listen to all six stories and vote for your favourite story on The Trumpington Federation webpage, thank you we have been checking who has been voting. 

This week it will be a Talk for Writing task again, please do not feel you have to print out the story or sheets, create your own sheets to use. 

  1. Read the story, discuss the plot, you might like to make a story path,

  2. Make a sheet with the answers to: What you like, what surprised you and what question you might like answering.

  3. Then see if you can remember who said what e.g. who said ‘yuck!’ page 8

  4. Page 9 quiz, can you answer these questions, if not look in the text.

  5. Think of the actions we might use in class to learn a text, e.g. soft might be stroking a pretend cat.

  6. Can you answer the questions on page 12

  7. Page 13 look for treasure you could put into a small box

  8. Page 15 make a pixie trump card, can you make some of your own?

  9. Page 17, answer the questions

  10. Page 18 what would you find in a giant’s pocket?

  11. Page 19 could you create a beautiful rainbow for your window, for everyone who is helping us.

  12. Let us know if you made the sparkly playdough, then describe it, page 22

There are lots more things to do, good luck.

We have also included a common exception word mat for you to complete, there will be a different one each week!


This week we are going to start to look at time. We will start with analogue clocks, with a face and minute and hour hands.

Activity 1:

Do you know the units of a clock? Close your eyes and say stop for these questions. Can you guess how long a second is? How long is a minute? How many seconds are in a minute? How many minutes in an hour? We will look at analogue clocks first listen and sing along to this you tube video  this will look at o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to. 

When you go for your exercise you could guess how long it might take, use the word estimate / guess and see who is closest.


Activity 2 Website:     Use the first two games, analogue clock missing number and tell the time to the hour.

Activity 3: 

Make your own analogue clock face you will need a piece of card and a split pin (if you don’t have one use blutak so you can move the hands), talk about the long hand being the minute hand, there are 60 seconds in a minute and the short hand represents the hour, 60 minutes in an hour. Can you count to 12 in the correct order.


Activity 4:

Count up in 5’s as you look at the analogue clock from zero at 12, 1 = 5 minutes, 2 = 10 minutes, 3 = 15 minutes, 4 = 20 minutes

5 = 25 minutes, 6 = 30 minutes, 7 = 35 minutes, 8 = 40 minutes, 9 = 45 minutes, 10 = 50 minutes and 12 = 60 minutes. 

This activity also covers learning the 5 times tables; 1x5=5, 2x5=10, 3x5=15 etc

If you would like a challenge look on the website for this week’s challenge sheets.


Make a small house for a hedgehog, first create your design  and make it from recycled packaging.  You will need to think about the size, use your maths skills from last week. How long will it need to be? How wide will it need to be? How high will it need to be? How will you get the sticks to stand on one another?



Different recycled boxes                    


You might like to stick some natural materials on it to hide it. What would this be called, beginning with c, try guessing.

(9 letters) c_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Finally, if you would like to explore some other ideas please look on the Trumpington Federation Home Learning page: /page/?title=Home+Learning&pid=23

Arts and Crafts                Museums and galleries

Digital wellbeing            Read it Again competition

Food/ Cooking                Reading / literature

General resources            SEND

Get outside (when it’s safe)        Singing/ Radio / Music

Maths, Science, English

Geography, History and more!        STEM

Mental Health and wellbeinYg        Storytime