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Home Learning (wk 3) 04.05.20

Please look at the 'Activity Ideas' tab for some new ideas of things to do with your children, this week.

Phonics resources are attached below.

Here is a Maths challenge that we would like you to complete by Friday 8th May and put up on Tapestry for us to see!

Children: Count out ten objects that you can find easily:  (pieces of pasta, clothes pegs, soft toys, objects from your cutlery drawer). Find as many different ways as you can to ‘make ten’ and record - that means write down - your thinking and ideas. You can do this by writing numbers or by drawing  pictures of your objects in circles to show us what you have found out:

Parents: This Maths concept is called ‘Number Bonds to Make Ten’.

Your child should be able to count out ten objects quite easily. Once they have done this, support your child to make two groups of these objects to show how, when added together, they make ten. So, for example, you could take 3 clothes pegs and put them on one side, then count how many are in the group that is left (7). Now encourage your child to record - using either numbers or pictures, to show what they have discovered:

It might look something like this:

⚪ and ⚪ makes 10                  or                      10 = ⚪ and ⚪
See how many different groupings your child can come up with, record them and take a photo to upload on to your child’s Tapestry Account.