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Home Learning (wk 1) 20.04.20

Here are some website links that will support your child with their learning about growing, this term:   - Growing turnip seeds.   - What do plants need to grow?  - What are the parts of a plant?  -What plants can you find outside? – this clip has sounds of different British birds the children might have heard at Forest School or during their daily exercise.

Shake Your Sillies Out is a fun video for the children to dance along to, it’s not half as intense as Joe Wicks!

We are aware that many of you do not have access to a printer  in which case you and your child can just look at the pages online and use them as information / starting points.

Please do not feel you have to print the documents that we upload. 

The 'word card' documents attached below have lots of pages and it isn't necessary to print it. Your children will be able to practice reading from a screen or tablet. And they can practice their writing and phonics on any paper you have at home.

Thank you for your continued support with completing the home learning activities and sharing your Tapestry updates.