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Home Learning (Week 7) 13th July

This week in phonics we are revising the 'oa' code. You can find the 'oa' worksheets at the bottom of this page. You can find some websites under the tab website links. You could also revise all of the codes we have learnt so far.

Here is this week's Tapestry challenge: 

Draw a poster - a nice BIG picture - to show the new children who will be in Reception in September something that you have enjoyed or something that you know that Reception children do at school.

For example:

“In Reception, I learned to write a sentence.”

“You can play in the mud kitchen.”

“We have snack”

"I play with my friends"

Please try and make your poster really lovely and colourful. You can use paints, colouring pencils, crayons or felt tips. You might even want to stick some collage materials on to your picture - it is up to you!

Make sure that you write your sentence or caption really clearly on to your poster so that all the new children will be able to read it! You could use a thick black felt tip pen, if you have one.


If you are at school, we will put up your posters as a display. If you are learning at home, please take a photograph of you with your lovely work and post it on to your Tapestry Account by Friday 17th July.  We might be able to print it out and put it on the school display, too - we will try.