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Home Learning (Week 6) 6th July

In Phonics this week we are revising the codes 'ie' as in tie and the 'igh' as in high. You will find the phonics sheet at the bottom of this page. Please see the  web links tab for all the other  phonics activities. You could also revise all the other codes we have learnt so far. 

This week's Tapestry  challenge is a little bit different and we hope that you enjoy it. 

We would like you to have a go at finding a minibeast poem that you like. Then we would like you to learn it from memory if you can. Then we  would like you to perform it to your family. I f you would like to make it into a show you could make your own stage,wear a costume, make tickets and even sell popcorn. You could choose more than one poem if you want to. 

If it is possible we would like someone to video your performance so it can be posted  to Tapestry by Friday 10th July. If this is not .possible a photo would be great or tell us about how you got on with this challenge. 

Below are some minibeast poem ideas for you to look at and choose from. However you might want to choose a minibeast rhyme or poem that you already know. 

Here is a Youtube link to the book "Mad A bout Minibeats"