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Home Learning (Week 3) 15th June

This weeks Tapestry challenge is a writing challenge!

We would like you to complete the writing challenge by Friday 19th June  and put up on Tapestry for us to see.

You can pick your own minibeast to write about or use the information you have learnt from 'minibeast adventures with Jess' to help you complete the challenge. 

We want you to take your time thinking and talking about what you want to write BEFORE you actually write it. You are practising writing longer sentences, ready for Year 1 in September.

  1. First look at the 'minibeast slideshow' (attached below)

  2. Choose a different minibeast to write about each day.  For example a ladybird, spider, butterfly, woodlouse, snail.

  3. Write a sentence about each minibeast. Make sure that you use some interesting words and some ‘joining’ words such as ‘and, also, but, because’.   For example: A spider has 8 legs and it crawls. A snail has a shell. The ladybird has spots and it can fly.

  4. Draw a picture to go with each sentence, making sure that your picture includes whatever you have mentioned in your sentence!
  5. There are writing frames attached below that you may find useful.

Phonics: We are now revising all of the sounds we have learnt so far in phonics- revision worksheets have been attached below.