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Home Learning (Week 1) 1st June

Please look at the 'Activity Ideas' tab for some new ideas of things to do with your children this week.

The new phonics codes are:

oi - (coin, boil, soil)

 oy - (boy, toy)

The phonics resources are attached as well as some doubling activities that you may find useful.

Here is a maths challenge that we would like you to complete by Friday 5th June  and put up on Tapestry for us to see.

It is a Doubling Painting activity!

You will need some pieces of paper folded in half like a greetings card - these can be any size, but don’t make them too small; one colour of paint, a painting brush or cotton bud and a pen/pencil.

  1. Open your piece of paper and paint a number of dots on one side of the folded line.

  2. Write underneath your dots how many you have painted

  3. Fold your piece of paper over, carefully, and smooth across it to press the paint dots onto the other side.

  4. Open up your paper, you should now have doubled your number of dots!

  5. Write down how many dots there are now.

  6. Do this a few times, starting with a different number each time.

  7. Let your doubles paintings dry, then hang them up somewhere that you can read the numbers, using the sentence: “Double ___ is ___”

  8. You could have a go at cutting out ladybird or butterfly shapes and doing the same activity. You can double the number of dots to create a symmetrical minibeast!

For more doubling challenges have a look at the following link.