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Governors' vision and mission statement

Priorities for children

The Governing Body of The Trumpington Federation of schools is committed to providing an education which secures:

  • intellectual, social and emotional development and love for learning
  • independent learning and self discipline
  • the acquisition of appropriate academic knowledge and skills
  • physical development and healthy lifestyles
  • respect for others regardless of difference
  • active participation in community life within and beyond the schools
  • physical and emotional safety and wellbeing

Operating principles

In pursuit of these priorities, the Governing Body attaches the highest importance to the following principles which inform the development of our policies and practices:

  • the recruitment and professional development of an excellent team of teachers and support staff
  • the maintenance of a safe and stimulating learning environment
  • clear delegation to the Executive Headteacher for the leadership and operational management of the professional team
  • active involvement of  parents and carers as partners in their children’s learning
  • community engagement
  • collaboration with other providers of education and related children’s services
  • robust systems of accountability and resource management based on evidence, including professional advice, performance data, pupil, parent and staff views, and first-hand observation

These priorities are reflected in the detailed curriculum and other policies which guide the work of all those who work in the schools and in the targets and priorities set out in the Federation Improvement Plan.

Special features of a Federation

The governing bodies responsible for the two schools have adopted the following principles  to underpin the detailed arrangements made for the management and leadership of the Federation.

Two schools:  one community

The Federation has been created to contribute to the development of a cohesive community in the Trumpington area.  It is recognised that most children and families will identify with their chosen school rather than with the Federation.  The schools are encouraged to develop a particular relationship with the part of the community they serve, to nurture a sense of ownership and to respond to local needs.

Two schools:  one leadership team

Those colleagues designated as members of the Federation’s Senior Leadership Team will be expected to exercise leadership in and across both institutions.

Whilst the Governing Body and the Executive Headteacher retain ultimate responsibility for the leadership and management of the Federation, they expect that leadership will be distributed, that responsibility for various aspects of the schools’ work will be delegated to the appropriate member of the staff team, and that those colleagues will be trusted and supported to take full responsibility for the designated area of work.

Two schools:  one set of  policies

The governors are committed to equity for all children.  The same standards and expectations will apply in both schools.  To support this principle and the efficient use of resources, the same policies and procedures will operate in both schools, except where there is a clear need for a difference.

Two schools:  one employer

Staff will be employed by the governing body of the Federation.  Whilst most colleagues will be primarily assigned to work in one of the schools of the Federation, they may be required to work in either institution to meet changing needs.

Two schools:  one approach to professional development

It is intended that staff from both schools will benefit from a shared approach to professional development and that expertise in the schools will be shared across the Federation for the benefit of children’s learning.