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Geography at the Federation



At the Trumpington Federation, we believe that children having an interest in the world around them and an understanding of the multicultural society in which we live in is essential. Each half-term or term, the year groups have a topic with a geography focus. The geography topics often alternate with history topics. 

Each year group has a locational area as a focus study. In Key Stage 1, this is local geography and the United Kingdom.

In Key Stage 2, the geography focus is across Europe, North and South America and Africa (often linked to the ancient civilization history topic taught in that year group). The geography topics have been divided into the year groups and are taken from the National Curriculum objectives.

Mapping is also an essential skill that children learn in geography. Often a geography topic begins with a map of the country, continent or the world and the children add labels with the places and things that they already know.

Connections are made between the places and countries that are important to children in the class. This way, teachers can ensure that future geography lessons, where possible, are relevant to the children in the class.

In Key Stage 2, we include the teaching of map reading using grid references and compass reading. Human and physical geography is also taught in topics, as well as in other curriculum areas. Throughout the children’s time at the Federation, they learn about climate zones, the water cycle, economic activity including trade links and rivers, mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes.