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Friends of the Federation (PTA)

Welcome to the PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

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We are a group of parents and teachers whose aim is to raise money for use across the Federation and to enhance the profile of the Federation throughout the community and beyond.  We organise regular events throughout the year, so please look out for the posters, emails and notes in the book bags for what is coming up.

The committee is made up of parents and teachers from across the Federation who meet regularly to organise events and decide how to spend the money raised. 

We are keen to hear from everyone. We welcome ideas for fundraising, but also fun activities and suggestions on how we can spend the money.  Examples of what has been donated to the school over the past couple of years are:

  • New stage and activity trail in the main playground
  • Video camera for Year 6
  • Cameras for every class
  • £1,000 of playground toys
  • Membership to the National Trust
  • White laboratory coats
  • Waterproofs for the Early Years classes

Contact us

Don't be shy, we're very friendly.  Come and say hello, give us your feedback, tell us your ideas, or if you don't like the way we do things.  We want all parents and carers to get involved, but sometimes we don't get the opportunity to meet you all.  You tell us what works best for you, we don't want anyone to feel they shouldn't or can't get involved, and we NEVER turn down the offer of help.  Even if you can only spare an hour at one event a year, that help will be very gratefully received.

You can also help us to raise money by doing your online shopping via - there are loads of retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis and Argos signed up to it.  Please click the link at the end of this page for instructions.

You can email us at, we look forward to hearing from you. You could also join us on Facebook (Trumpington Feders).