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Fitzwilliam Class - Ms Stow


Snail Update: We are now the proud carers of HUNDREDS of snails. Boy have these snails been busy reproducing! As soon as the weather turns more Spring-like and we start to see snails outside, we will have a release day and say goodbye to our snails as they set off on Springtime adventures. 

Readathon: As we all know, FItzwilliam is FULL of AMAZING readers! We love, love, love to read! I will be reading extra to the kids in class throughout the readathon (and counting those minutes towards my own readathon track record).  Please use the Readathon Reading Log INSTEAD of your child's reading record for this week and next week. Ms Stow read 65 minutes on day 1 of the readathon! Callenge your child to beat the teacher each night! Reading to them absolutely counts. 



Please choose an activity for your child to do for about 30 minutes per week. This can be from any topic we have covered so far: addition and subtraction, place value, money, time. See letter in homework folder for more information. 


Our most recent Phonics work has been:

Phoneme (sound): /or/; Grapheme (spelling): oar, oor    as in boar or door


PE Days: 

Wednesdays with Ms Stow (Yoga)

Thursdays with Miss Smith 

*All students are expected to have their PE kits in class ready to be used.