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Easter Holiday, boredom busters

Hello to all Year 3 Learners.  

We know that most of you are working really hard at home on different tasks and activities.  Well done for continuing your journey with such dedication. 

Below, we have listed some ideas for things you might like to do in the Easter Holiday.   Please do enjoy as many of them as you can.   

Don't forget, we would very much like to see any of your work.   You can email the office at school who will forward them to us.  You could attach a photograph of your writing, maths, or anything else you have worked on.  'Keep up the good work.'

  • Plant a seed - record how it grows.  Why not do this in a chart, with photographs, pictures, measurements or as a flow chart 

  • Make an obstacle course in the garden and set three times a day to complete it. 

  • Put some jokes up on the window to entertain passers by.  (Here are two to keep you going. ) 'What's the best thing about Switzerland?  I don't know but the flag is a big plus.'                       'What did the left eye say to the right eye?   Between you and me, something smells.' 

  • Make a collection of stones.  Turn them into a picture outside by making patterns, flowers, circles or shapes.  

  • Find a till receipt and do some addition and subtraction arithmetic. 

  • Learn the Cup Song with actions, song, then play along with these kids

  • Make an Easter Bunny using all those odd socks - instructions here:

  • Build a den using sheets and chairs, grab some cushions, some books or games and have fun.  Remember to tidy up everything afterwards.  

  • Listen to free audiobooks: 

  • Do the washing up at the kitchen sink

  • Write a letter to your teacher - they would love to hear about what you have been up to.

  • Draw a picture and put it in your window for other people to see

  • Try some science experiments at home:

  • Make your own jigsaw puzzle.  Either draw a really colourful picture on a piece of cardboard (an empty cereal packet) or glue a picture from a magazine onto cardboard (you will need to completely cover the paper with glue).  Cut your picture into as many pieces as you want, what shapes can you make? Place in a bag or box and challenge yourself or a family member to put your puzzle together. The more pieces, the trickier the puzzle.

  • Set a time to have a chat with a friend or family member online, making sure that you have an adult’s permission first. You could have a break time together, complete a Lego challenge, play a card game or board game

  • Make a bug hotel - some ideas for how to do this can be found at

Computing ideas: