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2018 - 19

So far this term, we have looked at Mountains and volcanoes. The children have had a lot of fun learning about tectonic plates and how these have changed the earth in the past. We looked at how different mountains were formed and wrote some exciting reports about our favourite mountains! We have also looked at volcanoes, made some of our own and made them explode!

More recently, we have been looking at endangered animals, taking inspiration from the Iceland Orangutan advert. So far, we have learnt all about Orangutans, Palm oil and the impact this is having on the rainforests where the Orangutans live and we have researched different endangered animals through the WWF. We will also be looking at the effect that plastic pollution has on wildlife and many other exciting topic related activities!

In the Autumn term, we leaned all about life in Prehistoric Britain. Take a look at our recreation of Stone (biscuit) henge below!