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2018 - 19

VOCABULARY NINJA: You will hear students in our class talking about Vocabulary Ninja. This is an endeavour of mine to increase the word-rich environment in our classroom. We are all aspiring ninjas, remaining vigilant at all times when speaking and writing so that we can use our strongest vocabulary. You will continue to see vocabulary homework printed on the back of your child's spelling homework. These are words we have found in literature and used in class- please make an effort to incorporate these into your home lexicon and to encourage your child to use them. 

Mathletics: Many parents have been sad to see Mathletics go. However, we decided as a school that it was time to bring in a new program in order to re-incite excitement. We have adopted a new program, but teachers have not yet been trained on it and it is not ready to roll out to students yet. Because of the growing concern from parents in Fitzwilliam class, I am now including a small amount of maths homework in our weekly homework folders. You can use this as a basis for reinforcing our learning at home. Thank your for your patience and understanding! 

Reading and writing at home: It is clear that most students in our class do spend a lot of their free time reading and this has made a tremendous impact in their reading accomplishment. We are readers! Many Fitzwilliam students are ready now to cross the bridge into writing as readers. Please encourage your child to keep a journal or a notepad collecting ideas from the stories they read and incorporating them into their own stories or journal entries. Thank you for being such supportive parents! 



Our most recent Phonics work has been:

Sound: /g/; Code: gu    as in guitar or guide

Sound: /s/; Code: sc   as in scissors or scene

Sound: /m/; Code: mb   as in thumb or limbs