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2018 - 19

The Federation has received a large box of skipping ropes.  Skipping is great for fitness, co-ordination and team work.  Year 3 are learning to: skip forwards, skip backwards, skip with a double bounce, skip with a single bounce, skip with a 1-2 step and skip whilst running.  We were exhausted after our lesson!  We also had a go at giant rope skipping which requires perfect timing.

We finished our Ancient Britons topic with the Iron Age.  Here is our display, featuring: Making bread, wattle fences, Stone Henge, Iron Age houses, Iron Age helmets, Boudicca's letter to Emperor Nero and replica shields.



Year 3 enjoyed a privileged experience, to sing with The Choir of King's Chapel Cambridge at the Primary School's Carol Service.  Poppy and Sophia also represented Trumpington Meadows by reading excerpts from the Christmas Story.


Kings College Chapel: Primary School Carol Service, December 4th 2018.


After having sung at Kings College Chapel, we talked about the architecture and how the stained glass threw light across the incredible ceiling.   The children have designed their own stained glass panels and also used extended line drawing to decorate the lines leading up to the heavens.


Iron Age replica shields

Look at our wonderful work on drawing with high contrast.  The challenge was to enlarge to fill the page, draw only the lines and shapes they could see using deepest black and brightest white.  The children used charcoal and chalk and spent some time looking closely at the shapes they could see on their sweet. 

In science we looked at the many different ways plants adapt to disperse their seeds.  It was quite surprising how many varieties we found just within the school grounds.



New and difficult challenges can sometimes be tough to swallow.  When the going gets tough, find a motto to help you keep going.

In November, we had a visitor.  Linda Strachen who is a double Olympian fencer came to talk to the children about her sport and how to reach high standards of excellence.  She was truly interesting and inspirational.