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We hope you are all doing well and enjoying home learning. Don’t forget to join our google classroom and check out the home learning there! We hope to see everyone there soon. 

IMPORTANT MESSAGE! This is the time of year that teachers start to think about classes for next year. We would like your help. Below you will find a link to a form with a question that we would like you to answer as soon as possible!


This week we are going to practise our skills with fractions. Below is a link to a group of videos you can watch each day to remind you of the skills we have learnt. (click on week 1 and week 2 and follow the corresponding titles). Follow the activities and complete the tasks for each day. Note: The videos direct the children to complete specific questions. The children may just watch the video for support and then complete the tasks below.

Monday: Complete tasks on recognising and finding half. (attached below) Mild: Recognising half, Medium/Spicy: Find half

Tuesday: Mild: Task on finding half, Medium/Spicy: Recognise and find a third (attached below)

Wednesday: Mild: recognising a quarter. Medium/Spicy: Finding unit fractions.(attached below)

Thursday: Mild: Find a quarter. Medium/ Spicy: Finding non-unit fractions. (attached below)

Friday: Mild: Recognise and find a third. Medium/Spicy: Problem solving using fractions. (attached below)

EXTRA! Head to Education City for some more practise on fractions. 


This week we will be reading the story The Day the Crayons Quit and completing some writing activities. The booklet is attached below and remember no need to print, all work can be done on a piece of paper. 

Monday: Read the letters from the book ‘The day the crayons quit’ and then answer the questions. You can either print out the booklet or simply write down your answers on a separate piece of paper. 

Tuesday: Spelling and punctuation. Today we will practise spelling contractions.

Wednesday:  Let’s practise writing interesting sentences using subordination. We can use the word because to extend our sentences and justify our answers. For example: I am feeling sad because I have to colour on Christmas day! 

Thursday: Today we will use adjectives to describe feelings. 

Friday: Let’s write a letter! Today we are going to pretend we are Duncan and write a letter back to one of the crayons. Try and use all of the things you have learnt about this week.


This week we will be reading the story St. George and the Dragon! There is a booklet attached below you may follow each day..

Monday: Look at the book cover below. Answer the questions and then write a prediction describing what you think will happen in the story? You could either write a paragraph or draw a picture.


  • What do you see?
  • What characters do you think will be in this story?
  •  What could happen to these characters?

Tuesday: Open the story ‘St George and The Dragon’ that is attached. Read the story or listen to the video of the story being read.

Complete the sentences

  • I liked...
  • I disliked...
  • I would recommend this book because…


 Retell the story ‘St. George and The Dragon’. You may choose from the options below. Feel free to share a photo of your story retelling. (remember it is not mandatory).

  • Draw a story map
  • Create a comic strip
  • Act it out
  • Write a short summary

Thursday: Choose your challenge and answer the questions about the story. Remember to use the story to help you!


Where does George go? 

Who does George fight? 

What does George do to the Dragon? 

Where does George do at the end of the story? 

Medium/ Spicy: REMEMBER to answer in full sentences.

  1. Why did George leave the Roman army? 
  2.  What word did the author use to describe the dragon? Think of three synonyms for that word. 
  3.  What was special about the healer? 
  4. What does George say he will do to help? 
  5. What happened to George when he tried to slay the dragon? What word does the author use to describe what is happening? 
  6. What adjectives would you use to describe George's character?Why? 

Friday: Mild: Choose which characters are a good character or a bad character. You could either draw them or write their names in the correct spot.

Hero (Good Character) Villain (Bad character)






Medium/Spicy: Can you think about any other books that are similar to the story? Name the story and write their similarities and differences.


Similarities Differences 






EXTRA: Don’t forget about the topic web attached below!