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2018 - 19

Trip to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology!

Last Wednesday, Year 4 Wolfson went on a trip into central Cambridge to visit the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. The children got the opportunity to see and handle real Roman artefacts and to learn about the Roman presence within Cambridge itself. It was a great trip and the children were brilliant about handling the objects carefully and delicately. Well done Wolfson! 


Warning Stories - The Caravan

We have started a brand new unit in our English - we are learning all about Warning Stories. We've used the story map and actions to help us learn a model text of a warning story called The Caravan. In addition, we've had lots of fun exploring the text through a range of drama activities such as 'Hot Seating' and ' Conscience Alley'. Take a look at the photos below 😀

There is also a picture of the first part of the story. Why don't you have a practise at home? How much can you remember?!




🐍🐨 🐯Animal Information Texts!  🦁🦊🐼

Over the past couple of weeks, the children have been learning about and writing information texts on animals. This work linked to our animal theme for Science Week. We've been continuing to use the Talk for Writing approach in this unit - we had a lot of fun learning our model text (The Bullet Ant) and using the text map and actions to help us memorise this!

Once we'd discussed the main features and the writer's toolkit for information texts, we had some fun mixing up the features of different animals to create our own made up creatures. The Wolfson class creation was named........ The Four-Eyed, Winged Saguar! 

On Friday, we brought all this learning together to create our final information text. There are some examples below to take a look at.

Can you discuss your made up animal at home? What is it called? What does it look like and what is its habitat? Does it have any special features?

🍀 Irish Soda Bread! 🍀

This week, Wolfson joined Trinity class to make some delicious Irish Soda Bread!

We chose this delicious Irish bread recipe because Ireland is one of Barnaby's destinations in the book and we wanted to try something from this country. It also links in with our learning about instruction texts in English. After making the bread, it made it easier for us to write our own instructions about this recipe.

When our bread was finally baked we had a taste and... it was scrumptious! 😀

Why not have a go at trying a recipe at home? You could even take photos as you follow the recipe. Once you've finished, you could then sequence the photos and write a short description under each picture to explain each step. 




Another destination in our topic: France! We've really enjoyed learning about this country. We had great fun creating some pictures of the Eiffel Tower. We used pasta to create the detailed lines on the building. It was careful work which required a lot of patience and excellent team work with our partner. We think the end result is rather good!


Over the past couple of weeks we've been exploring Australia.  We've learnt all about this country from its geography and climate, to the animals which live there, to its music and art. We are particularly proud of our animal art, based on Aboriginal dreamtime artwork, and our pastel pictures of Uluru :) Take a look at some examples below!






Mastering Multiplication 

This week, we have focused on multiplication in our Maths lessons. The children have been working hard on their written methods of multiplication. We've practised partitioning numbers to effectively use the grid method. In addition, we've moved on to the expanded column method. Have a look at some examples below - see if you can practise at home!

Welcome to our new topic!

Happy New Year! And with a new year, comes a new topic - Is the Sky the Limit? Linked to the book called 'The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket', we'll be exploring many different countries and cultures and we'll go on a magical journey around the world. Together with Barnaby Brocket, Year 4 will meet a cast of truly extraordinary new friends and will understand that nothing can make us happier than just being ourselves.

This week, as part of our Hook Day, we've jetted off to Denmark, Russia and Italy. We learnt all about the fairly tales of Hans Christian Andersen, designed our own Faberge eggs and made some pizza! YUM. I wonder where we'll jet off to next...?

'The Apple Experience' 

We had a rather tasty English lesson this week - Miss Hill brought in some apples for us!  We used the 5 senses to think of some wonderful words and phrases to describe the apple. Have a look at some of our fantastic descriptions below! Having the opportunity to 'experience' the apple really helped us with our writing :) 

Talk for Writing

This week, we've started an exciting new English unit based on the Talk for Writing approach. We'll be writing portal stories where a character enters a new world. Our writing focus will be to create vivid and imaginative settings.  

Using the story map pictured below, we've been learning a short portal story off by heart! We've used the pictures to help us remember it and have come up with some actions too. We hope that by learning this text it will help us with our writing as we can 'magpie' lots of super writing ideas. 

How much of the story can you remember....? Have a go at saying it out loud at home!

Fantastic Firework Poems

This week, as the 5th November is fast approaching, we've been creating our own firework poems! We've worked hard to put lots of onomatopoeia and alliteration into our writing and we took a lot of care when publishing our work. We hope you enjoy our colourful creations! 

Information Texts

This week, we completed our unit on information texts. After finishing our warm writes, we edited and improved our work before publishing. We worked really hard on them and are very proud of our final drafts! Have a look at some of our work below:


Ancient Greek Vases

We've been getting arty in Wolfson class this week. After looking closely at some examples of Ancient Greek vases, discussing the different patterns and images, we had a go at creating our own designs. Here is just a small selection:

Well done to everyone who's had a go at this half term's homework tasks. The classroom is adorned with some fabulous Ancient Greek temples and shields! See some examples below. Keep your creations coming - they are wonderful!