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Week commencing 10th Feb 2020


This week we have discussed facts and features about animals and amalgamated these to create a new species! Darwin Class have used their amazingly imaginative ideas to write a non-chronological report about our animal, describing its appearance, habitat, diet and special features.

Coming up next...mystery stories!



Darwin's have come to the end of the unit on money. We are able to convert amounts between pounds and pence using decimal numbers, understanding the place values of the columns to the right of the decimal point. The children have enjoyed handling money, adding amounts and using subtraction to find how much change is left over.

We're very much looking forward to 'One Hundred Day' this Thursday!




We have enjoyed learning about the Ancient Egyptian process of mummification and are in the process of recording the results of our experiment to mummify a tomato.

After half-term...biology of plants!

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