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Y1 Talk homework

In this section, you will be able to find the weekly talk homework set. Each week the topic will change and will be linked to English, Maths or our current topic.

Week beginning 03.12.18 - 

This week we would like you to discuss traditions that you have within your family. Last week, we looked at Christmas traditions around the world and we discussed some traditions that we have in our home. You could discuss your Christmas traditions or traditions that you have for other special occasions.  You could talk about why it is important to have traditions and why we keep them going. 

Week beginning 19.11.18 -

This week, we would like you to discuss their trip the Clay Farm centre. You could talk about the walk there, what they did whilst they were there and what they liked about it. You could then discuss with the children the importance of the local library and why it is important to use them. 

Week beginning 05.11.18 -

This week, we would like you to discuss the Gunpowder plot. We have learnt about it in our history lesson last week so you could see what the children can remember. If you are going to watch the firework display on bonfire night, you could also discuss how to be safe around fireworks and bonfires. 

Week beginning 29.10.18 - 

This week, we would like you to discuss our local area of Trumpington. You could talk about the changes that are happening with new buildings being created and discuss how Trumpington used to be before. You could even think of what you would like to add to Trumpington to make it even better! 

Week beginning 08.10.18 -

This week, we would like you to talk to your children about what school was like for you. You could discuss the range of subjects, topics and technology available to you. You could compare school lunches and even share some school photos of yourself if you have them. We've been doing a lot of work about our roles and responsibilities at school and how important we all are so this talk homework will further support that. 

Thank you and enjoy talking! 

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