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Awesome Ancient Britain


We looked at the Bronze Age Monument, Stone Henge and asked why it may have been built and what challenges must have been faced by the people who built it.  It must have been an incredibly important place to have worked so hard to achieve the enormous stone circles.

We used colour washes and silhouettes to create our own henge images and we built ‘BISCUIT HENGE.’ (Which we then ate.) 

On our trip to Wandleby Iron Age fort, we had the opportunity to bake our own bread over an open fire.  It was quite a process involving sorting the grain from the chaff, milling, mixing with milk, kneading baking and finally, eating. 


Here is our collaborative cave picture.  Each child worked independently first on creating paper that was rough and textured as if it was a cave wall.  They used, pastels, chalk and charcoal and drew animals they might have encountered if they were living thousands of years ago.  The work was then signed by the children by spraying paint over their hands. 

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