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Wolfson class - Wonderful Work

'The Apple Experience' 

We had a rather tasty English lesson this week - Miss Hill brought in some apples for us!  We used the 5 senses to think of some wonderful words and phrases to describe the apple. Have a look at some of our fantastic descriptions below! Having the opportunity to 'experience' the apple really helped us with our writing :) 

Talk for Writing

This week, we've started an exciting new English unit based on the Talk for Writing approach. We'll be writing portal stories where a character enters a new world. Our writing focus will be to create vivid and imaginative settings.  

Using the story map pictured below, we've been learning a short portal story off by heart! We've used the pictures to help us remember it and have come up with some actions too. We hope that by learning this text it will help us with our writing as we can 'magpie' lots of super writing ideas. 

How much of the story can you remember....? Have a go at saying it out loud at home!

Fantastic Firework Poems

This week, as the 5th November is fast approaching, we've been creating our own firework poems! We've worked hard to put lots of onomatopoeia and alliteration into our writing and we took a lot of care when publishing our work. We hope you enjoy our colourful creations! 

Information Texts

This week, we completed our unit on information texts. After finishing our warm writes, we edited and improved our work before publishing. We worked really hard on them and are very proud of our final drafts! Have a look at some of our work below:


Ancient Greek Vases

We've been getting arty in Wolfson class this week. After looking closely at some examples of Ancient Greek vases, discussing the different patterns and images, we had a go at creating our own designs. Here is just a small selection:

Well done to everyone who's had a go at this half term's homework tasks. The classroom is adorned with some fabulous Ancient Greek temples and shields! See some examples below. Keep your creations coming - they are wonderful! 

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