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St Johns class - wicked work!

In this folder, you will find a series of pieces of work that the children in year one have completed. Keep checking for weekly updates!

20.06.2019 - Over the last few weeks, we have created some amazing things in class and been on a wonderful boat trip!  Please see our photo gallery by clicking 'Boat Trip' on the menu to the right.



18.03.19 - Sticking with our plant theme, we have made flower collages! 

18.03.19 - This week we have been watering our tomato and pea seeds and watching them beginning to sprout! 


11.03.19 - In Maths, we have been learning how to use the bar model for addition. 

11.03.19  - This week in English, we have been writing non-chronological reports about centipedes! 

Happy World Book Day St John's Class! 

04.13.19 - In Science, we have been sorting materials into natural and man-made. 

04.03.19 - This week we have been comparing odd and even numbers. 

25.02.19 - In Art, we will be studying the artist called Jane Perkins. 


25.02.19 - This week we have been writing about ways to save the planet 

25.02.19 - This week we have been practising our number skills! We had some really tricky 100 square challenges. 

13.02.19 - This week we have innovated the story of Augustus and his smile. 

09.02.19 - we created beautiful Macaws using watercolours! 


28.01.19 - This week we have been learning how to read and tell them time to o'clock and half past the hour. 






25.01.18 - We have been revisiting division this week! We have been learning to divide through sharing! 

25.01.18 - We have been concentrating on sentence level work this week. We have been learning about the different types of words you need to make up a sentence. 

18.01.19 - We have been multiplying through lots of and groups of this week! We have learnt to double numbers and know that doubling is the same as multiplying by 2


18.01.19  During English this week, we made jam sandwiches and then orally rehearsed the instructions for them before focusing on our time conjunctions and imperative verbs. 

07.01.19 In maths this week, we were looking at capacity and learning the meaning of the terms full, half full, and empty. 

07.01.19 - During English this week we were chronologically ordering instructions for baking a creepy crawly bug cake! 

26.11.18 - During PSHE this week, we thought about being a good friend and how we can be good friends to each other.  We wrote on the back of a gingerbread person what made us a good friend and we decorated the front. 

In maths, the children also had to measure themselves on the height chart and then put themselves in order from shortest to tallest. 

26.11.18 - In Maths, we began learning about measuring length and height. We had to measure objects in the classroom using a non-standard measures such as a white board pen. 


26.11.18 - In English, we were asked to write a story called The Black Hat. We had to change the setting and then write the story out independently. 


19.11.18 - In Maths, we were completing missing number sentences for subtraction! Some of these were very tricky! 


19.11.18 - In English, we wrote a recount of our trip to the Clay Farm Library. The children walked beautifully down the guided bus route to the library and really enjoyed looking at the books and listening to the story read by the librarian. 


12.11.18 - In Science, we completed an experiment! We put gummy bears in plain water and salt water to see what happened. We found out that when the gummy bears were in the salt water they shrank but when they were in the plain water they grew much larger. We found out that this was a scientific process called osmosis! 


12.11.18 - In Maths, we have begun to show our understanding of subtraction and tackle word problems on Friday! 

12.11.18 -  In English, we have been using time conjunctions to help put events in chronological order. 


 05.11.18 - In Maths, we have been continuing to grow our understanding of addition. 



05.11.18 - In English, we have been editing for Mrs Chapman's spelling and punctuation errors! It was very tricky!


29.10.18 - In English, we have been innovating poems about firework night. We created onomatopoeic words as well as creating similes. 


29.10.18- This week we have been working on our addition skills. We have been adding to numbers together to make totals up to 20. We have been really challenging ourselves by working on missing number problems! 

15.10.18 - This week, we have been consolidating our learning across this half term, retelling our stories and enjoying exploring our local nature reserve. 

08.10.18 - In English, we have been innovating our Mr Gumpy's Outing story. We have created three new characters that he meets along his journey! 

08.10.18 - In maths this week, St Johns class have been identifying one more and one less than a given number. Can you find numbers one more and one less when you are out and about this week? 


01.10.18 - In Maths this week, we have been working on identifying and understanding odd and even numbers. We learnt two rhymes to help us remember which numbers belong to the odds and which belong to the evens! 

0, 2, 4, 6, 8... even numbers they are great!

1, 3, 5, 7, 9,... I love odd numbers all the time! 

01.10.18 - In English this week, we have been focusing on vocabulary such as nouns, adjectives, determiners and conjunctions. We have been practising the spellings of these words and using them in sentences. 

28.09.18 - In English this week, we have been learning the story of Mr Gumpy's Outing. The children learnt the story orally and practised the actions to go with it. We then spent some time learning about nouns and adjectives. They learnt that nouns - describe a person, place or thing and adjectives describe a noun. Below you can see some of the adjectives we came up with to describe the frog in our Talk 4 Writing story. 

28.09.18 - This week in maths, we have been focusing on place value and ordering numbers. As you can see below the children have been using maths resources to help them identify teens numbers.