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Walk Bingo!

THE GREAT CAMBRIDGE WALK BINGO IS HERE! This is a game for you to play when you are out for a walk. Attached the bottom of this page are four bingo cards (in one document). Each card has the same photos but in a different order. Each player in your family can have their own card or some people in your family may wish to share a card (if there are more than four of you). 

GAME ONE: When you complete a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line, call BINGO.

GAME TWO: The person with the most images crossed off at the end of the walk, WINS!

You can play this game over several walks (as there are 25 different objects for you to find!)

Happy walking!!!

Also, you may want to take photos of some of the things you find on your walk (many of these images have been taken on Miss Chilcott's walks!)