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On Friday we received a very important phone call from David, who works for the British Antarctic Survey. He is currently in Antarctica and called us from Halley (the base he is staying at). Before we called David, we thought of some questions we would like to ask him. See our list of questions below:

David called us at 11:10am UK time. This was 8:10am in Antarctica. He called us before he had to begin work for the day!

Each of us got to ask a question and some of us even managed to squeeze in a second question! We had to listen to David talk very carefully through a small speaker. After talking to him, we wrote down some things that we had learnt. 

Kyle - "David has seen a lot of animals. David has two x-boxes. David plays football there."

Abigail - "There are two chefs at the base. They eat lots of dried and frozen food."

Imogen - "I have learnt that people can swim in the ocean." (They have a team of divers at the other base in Antarctica called Rothera). "I have learnt they have a doctor and a chef in Antarctica."

James - "I learnt how they have a shower." (They dig it up ice and let it melt). "They encourage you to eat chocolate!" 

Nicolas - "They  play football and sports... People encourage you to eat chocolate."

Dominic - "It might be a fun time! Penguins live in the South Pole."

Alfred - "I didn't know that they slept in a room. I thought they slept in igloos."

Tyrihanna - "It is their job to go there."

Shreyas - "They have a doctor. They play sports every Sunday."

Tyra - " I learnt that: 1) You need to dig a hole, grab ice, melt it and use the water to shower. 2) The house that you sleep in, you wear normal PJs because the house has heaters. 3) That the people in Antarctica get huge deliveries that have lots of food on it." (They have enough food to last two years in case another delivery cannot be made).

Barnaby - When David flew from Rothera to Halley, the plane had to stop and dig up fuel. " I learnt it took 1-2hours with a digger to dig up the fuel."

Max - "That you have to dig up ice to have a shower."

Elise - "I have learnt that there are 350, 000 penguins in the colony an hour from where David is staying."

Oscar - "They use a digger to dig up the fuel. They use a digger to make their showers work."

Sam - "In Antarctica you find penguins and elephant seals." (Polar bears are in the Arctic but we found out that David has seen polar bears when he went to the Arctic). 

Alexandra - "I have learnt that they play football for 90 minutes and have two x-boxes."

Some other things we learnt:

1) There is not enough Internet to FaceTime, Skype or play online video games - they have two x-boxes so that they can play against each other when they have time. 

2) The temperature outside when David called was -10 degress. David would need to wear about three layers to go outside in that temperature. 

3) It is summer in Antarctica at the moment, so they have 24 hours of sunlight (in winter there is 24 hours of darkness).

Here are some of David's photos from his trips to Antarctica: