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week commencing 24th feb 2020

Welcome to the second half of Spring term where we will be continuing all things Ancient and Egyptian and working on a production along with Year 4 which will celebrate our topics since September.  (Dates and further information to follow.) 

On the penultimate day of last term the whole of the Federation enjoyed, '100-DAY.'  We had been at school for 100 days this academic Year.  Gonville and Caius were set the task of completing 100 reads at home in one week.  (Easy really if you consider that each child only had to read 4 times to achieve this.)  We did it, in fact, we made 101.

We also: played a number bonds to 100 hunt game, with two digit numbers hidden around the building, every child in the Federation made their own 100 bead string, we built models from 100 bricks, drew pictures using exactly 100 lines (the strings were very useful here) and each school was set the challenge of running 100 miles.  (Trumpington meadows KS2 ran 145 miles in their session.) 

Here are some examples of the excellent non-chronological reports the children have been working on.  There is a display of them in the TM learning corridor. 

In maths we have been looking at: pictograms, bar charts and tables in our statistics unit.  We ask the children to reason and problem solve when working in maths.   Here is an example of a challenge for those who are finding the initial tasks easy. 

Finally, this week, we have begun to use fabric, sewing and construction techniques to make mummified cat toys.  It is a slow process requiring many fine motor skills.  We are hoping the toys will look a little bit like this:...