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week commencing 23rd march 2020

Dear Gonville and Caius,

Unexpected times.

We are now approaching the end of week one of school closure.  I very much hope you are all managing well at home.   (Being absolute angels I am sure.)   It feels very strange to us all I expect, not having school in the manner in which we are used to.  

All of your learning will be put onto the 'Home Learning' folder on the Year 3 page.  We have also included a 'Boredom Busters, Holiday Activity' folder for times when you might feel like you don't know what to do.  

I will take my turn on the rota for staff to be in school for Key-worker children.   Apart form that, I am also having to change the way I learn and work.   I have found that a list, or quick time-table every day is making be be active, positive and enabling me to achieve things day by day.   Here is an example for you to see what I worked on yesterday.  

  • Check and reply to all emails, work and home.
  • Write morning messages to my children and sisters
  • Breakfast
  • Write lesson plans for English for when we return.
  • Go into the garden for some fresh air
  • Look in the mirror and think about cutting my hair
  • Complete Reading Assessments
  • Run up and down the stairs ten times and make sure I do not fall over
  • Coffee, three cups
  • Listen to the news
  • Read through Art curriculum documents and edit them
  • Garden, paint the shed with wood preserver (I do not like the colour but that's what I have in the shed so it will have to do.)
  • Update website for Holiday Activities
  • Garden, speak to four neighbours over the fence and chat about how everyone is doing and if anyone needs anything
  • List of things I can do at school when I'm on rota and collect items that I could bring in for that.
  • Shopping list for Friday evening
  • Thank you note to William down the road who put a slice of cake on my doorstep
  • Conference call, Year 3
  • Cup of tea (with William's cake, delicious)
  • Daily exercise, Walk around the wood
  • Dinner, cashew nut curry.  (Delicious)
  • Set alarm to clap for all the Key Workers at 8:00pm
  • Go outside with a saucepan and a wooden spoon at 8:00pm and rattle some noise for the Key Workers which includes smiling and waiving at everyone else in the street and made us all feel united (best bit of the day)
  • Listen to the news
  • Ring my children
  • Ring my sisters
  • List of school jobs that I must complete tomorrow
  • Watch a comedy on the telly
  • Shower, bed

Somehow, writing this down helps me to make a structure out of the day and it truly helps me to achieve everything I set out to do.   

I am sending you all my love.  Stay safe, be kind, be active, have fun.

"Why was 6 afraid of 7?"                                                                 " Because 7, 8, 9!"

"How do you stop an astronaut's baby from crying?"         "You rocket." 

"What do you call two birds in love? "                                        " Tweet-hearts."