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week beginning 27th April

Hello, we hope you are all well and that you are enjoying the really sunny weather.  This week we are going to start some new topics and units.  Up until now we have been revising work we did in class, but now we know that we are probably going to be out of school for quite a while so we need to start some new learning.  Don't worry, however, there will be lots of creative and outside adventures too.  

You will find a lot of your work attached at the bottom of this page.

Maths - we are now starting our new unit on fractions.  With these lessons you will need to use the link  given for each day and follow the instructions given by the teacher on the screen.  You will be asked to get some equipment like paper and pencils or maybe some Lego (even dried pasta might be helpful).  You won't need to print anything out, you can just write you answers on paper.  You may want to ask your grown up to sit with you so you can teach them as well.  Each lesson will start and end with a short quiz, you must do these.  It is important that you do these lessons in order, otherwise they won't make sense.  On some days there may be an extra task to do.

Your DT lesson will help you deepen your understanding of fractions - tasty!

Monday - Part-Whole relationships 

Maths in action - Can you find any part-whole relationships around your house?

Tuesday - Equal and unequal parts

Wednesday - Recognise Unit fractions

Thursday - Find unit-fractions

Friday - Unit and non-unit fractions

Cuisennaire rods can be found here: (Click add grid and tick the numbers box, the copy box lets you add more of each rod).

On Friday, also have a go at the first lesson on this link (Unit and non-unit fractions); watch the video and complete the worksheet (you don't need to print it, just write the answers on a piece of paper) (the worksheet and answers are also attached below).


Reading - This week you are going to practise your comprehension skills,  just like we would normally do in our guided reading sessions.  You will find texts and activities attached at the bottom of the page. There will also be links to the book/extract online.  You don't have to print your work.  

If you are running out of reading material at home then you could ask your grown up to create an account on this website where you will find lots of different books sorted by reading levels.

The Parachute.

The Worst Witch 

The Great Chocoplot 

Writing - We would like you to finish writing your instruction text.  All the activities are in the attached pdf (at the bottom of the page).  Please email your finished instructions to your teacher, they would love to find out how you get on.

More instruction practice can be found in your D and T lesson.

Spellings - We are going to set you some weekly spellings to learn.  Most of you will work on the Year 3 spelling list given.  Some of you may prefer to master those tricky, key words that we use in our writing all of the time.  There are three lists in the table below.  Words from the first 100, words from the next 200 and words from the Year 3 focussed spellings. Choose which you think you should practise.


Afternoon lessons (one a day)

Music -  Watch this music lesson from Bob Marley at BBC Bitesize about Pitch and Melody, play the game and then join in singing Three Little Birds by Bob Marley & The Wailers.  I'm sure your grown ups would love to join in too.

Geography - Our new topic is Our Active Planet - start to learn about the structure of Earth by working through the tasks on the Geography sheets below.

Spanish  - Practice the alphabet and numbers in Spanish.  You could teach your adults as well.

DT - Bake some fantastic flapjack (don't worry, no flour is required) while practising Maths and English.  Recipe attached below.

Art - Make a Worry Doll using things you can find at home and out on your walks.

Read It Again - Every year Cambridgeshire Libraries gives the school a set of newly published picture books for us to share with you.  You then vote for your favourite and that book then wins a prize.  Obviously, we can't share the books with you in the same way so some of the teachers have created videos of them reading the books for you to enjoy.

You can find this in the Home Learning link on the Trumpington Federation tab or click this link

Once you have enjoyed them all, use the form link at the bottom of the Read it Again page to vote for your favourite.  Your teachers will be voting too!

Spring Scavenger Hunt - The next time you go out for a walk use the spotter guide attached to see what different signs of Spring you can find.  Stop and listen to the birds, take a deep breath and smell the blossom.  Remember, take only photos and leave only footprints.

Walk Bingo - Miss Chilcott has created this lovely bingo game (attached at the bottom of the page) for you to play with your family while you are out getting your daily exercise.  Good luck.

Observing - Have you noticed that there is blossom everywhere, the hawthorn bushes look like they have snow on them.  On the ground the dandelions and their dandelion clocks are carpeting everything in a cheerful yellow.  Have a read of this poem by Robert MacFarlane (who lives in Cambridge too), from his book The Lost Words.    (By the way it's an acrostic poem).