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school closure

Easter Holiday Update

Well done for making it to the Easter holiday Downing Class! What a strange end of term we have had. I hope you all have a lovely break and find lots of interesting things to do at home. I've just finished reading 'Journey to the River Sea' which was brilliant. I wish I'd read it before - it would have tied in perfectly with our Amazon topic! If any of you are running/have run out of books please do let me know and we can see whether we can sort out some sort of book swap.


Hello Downing Class members.

I want to start by saying: WELL DONE! You are all coping incredibly well with this very strange situation and I am extremely proud of you. Your cheery singing while you are washing your hands has been keeping the whole school happy!

Please see the information in the Fawcett, Year 6, Home learning tab for the work we are setting you while we have to be away from school.

On this page, I will put up optional extras and any information that is specific to our class.

Let's start with the ideas we had today for some of the things we can do while we are off school.

Sporty ideas:

  • dancing
  • cycling
  • kick-abouts (keeping distance from one-another)
  • running up and down stairs
  • yoga/pilates
  • circuits at home e.g. side planks, press ups, line jumps, star jumps
  • 30 mins or 5k running

General ideas:

  • Create a diorama (scene) using a shoebox
  • Write a script and produce a play
  • Learn how to cook something new
  • Play board games with family members/make a board game
  • Plant something (inside or outside)
  • Write and illustrate a book
  • Draw!
  • Record a song
  • Translate a past arithmetic paper into Roman  numerals
  • Teach all family members a new skill
  • Learn a new skill yourself
  • READ - you could form a book club and discuss books you have read with other class members
  • Reading marathon - all books by the same author
  • Record an audiobook
  • Make a stop-motion animation film/make a flipbook
  • Make a game on scratch.

If anyone is having a problem with logging on to education city or has any other question or concerns, please do email the office email account and ask them to send the email on to me.


The audiobook website 'audible' is offering free audiobooks for children while schools are closed. If you follow this link you can look through the books and choose one to start with. You don't even need to sign up! The 'Elementary' section is probably the best fir for our class. I recommend 'The Secret Garden', 'Black Beauty', and 'Hedi' : they are three of my all time favourite books!

If you zoom in, hopefully you can make out the titles of the books on our class book recommendations poster.


White Rose Maths have produced a 'problem of the day' for each of the days of March. If you follow this link and start by downloading 'Day 1-Probelms of the day 2020' at the bottom, then you will have enough to keep you going for a month! There are four questions for each day - you need to look at questions 3 and 4 for each day.

Here are some links to maths games that you can play from home:

Cops and robbers/treasure hunt:

Guess the angle:


Other subjects

The magazine AQUILA is offering free access to an issue here: 

The website 'BrainPop' is an american website which covers lots of different subjects. You can follow this link to get free family access. There are some interesting science videos on here.