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Week commencing 9th Dec 2019

This week has been a busy and exciting one across the school including a visiting pantomime, KS1 performances and the Christmas lunch, made all the better by our fantastic Year 6 helpers.

In our English lesson with Miss Gibson today, we met a very disgruntled Santa and had to write letters to an Agony Aunt on his behalf.  He was struggling with all sorts of difficult situations - from disobedient elves to a badly timed paternity leave!  See Nicolas's example below: there are a lot of problems he mentions!

This week, we also discussed the 2019 General Election.   We learned about how the election was run, why some people felt it was important and then watched some news clips explaining some of the key policies of the major political parties.   Following this, we all voted for the party we would prefer to run the next government; Miss Ford even conducted an exit poll!  Whilst Boris Johnson might have achieved a majority, this was not how the Year 6 constituency would have voted - the class voted for a Liberal Democrat - Green coalition!