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Week commencing 6th Jan 2020

We have got right back into the swing of things this week, alongside a few more 'different' activities to mark the start of our new topic.

On Friday, we were lucky enough to go to Fawcett for a writing workshop with Michael Rosen himself.  He shared a different side of himself, talking to us about the Holocaust and some sad events in his personal life before helping us all write poems, using repeating patterns, to express some of the moments we have all needed a 'helping hand'.  Have a look at a couple of examples below:

In our topic work this week, we have begun to explore the world, for our unit on South America.  As part of our introduction, we created some Blue Morpho butterflies which Miss Ford is creating an amazing display out of.  We also had a little 'Bushtucker trial' with some foods that some might not enjoy.  Anyone for a cricket or mealworm?

Finally, in Science, we have begun to look at the theories of evolution and inheritance and considered the difference between inherited and environmental characteristics, through the medium of Fortnite characters!  In Maths, we have all made great progress with fractions, decimals and percentages and are now moving on to all things geometry!