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Week commencing 2nd March

This has been a busy week with parent consultations, a visit from the planetarium, a trip and World Book Day!

Here are some pictures from a fun filled week in Sidney Sussex!

We thoroughly enjoyed the Planetarium and enjoyed learning about the solar system, constellations and space race.

Did you know the sun is so large that the earth would fit a million times in it?

Did you know the star Betelgeuse (Beetlejuice) the second largest star in the constellation Orion could fit over a million suns in it! Around 8.5 million years old it is a relatively young star but astronomers believe it is very near the end of it's life, and a supernova may be imminent!

We learnt lots more cool facts just like this!

Do you like our World Book Day Costumes? This years theme is 'Share a million stories'. We partnered up with the Reception class to share our favourite story and hear theirs!

We also visited the amazing Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology linked to our topic on The Anglo Saxons. There we met ex teacher and archaeologist Rob who told us all about the Anglo Saxons (a lot of which we already knew which was great!).

We then took part in two museum workshops, the first explored Anglo Saxon burials, clothing, food and houses. 

In the second we learnt about the famous Trumpington burial that was discovered when archaeologists were preparing the site of Trumpington Meadows for development. She has been named Gwen-Monica. We replicated her burial and gave her a good sent of with her grave goods. 

We learnt that GwenMonica was Christian as she was buried in an east-west direction. She was buried on a bed, with her head upon a pillow making her very special indeed. But it wasn't just this that made GwenMonica special... She was buried with a number of precious grave goods including a comb, knife and the most famous artefact, the Trumpington Cross. The Cross was made of gold and garnets from either Africa/Asia or Bohemia. The burial was an incredibly important find and is one of only approximately 15 of such a high status in the whole of the UK!

We have loved learning about the Trumpington Cross - so it was great to finally see something so special that was found right on our doorstep!