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Week commencing 2nd Dec 2019

Autumn 2 - Week 6


This week in English we have continued to learn about writing instructions.  We looked at the tools used in instruction writing and found them in our model text. We had a go at writing the introduction to instructions on 'how to defeat a troll.'

Here is Lara's introduction for 'how to defeat a troll'.

In Grammar we learnt about imperative verbs - these are also known as bossy verbs. They are vital for writing instructions as they tell the reader what to do. 

Here is James' work on imperative verbs.


In Maths, we have begun to learn about statistics. We learnt a lot about line graphs this week. We looked at how our heart rates responded after various physical activities and then plotted a line graph on the data collected. The children have also learnt how to interpret data from line graphs.

Here is Scarlett's data about her heart rate during different exercises.

Here is Yannai's work on learning to interpret data from a line graph.


This week in PSHE we have learnt about respecting differences between people and tolerance. We wrote a poem to help us remember the qualities needed for tolerance. 

Here is Bella P's poem.


This week in Art we had a go at using different clay techniques. We experimented with different tools before using them to help us sculpt a snowman. 

Here is Nick's snowman (still in the process of being sculpted).