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Week commencing 2nd Dec 2019

Finally, December is here.  Gonville and Caius have decorated a classroom tree and it is making us all feel very festive.  Thank you to all those of you who came to the Christmas Fair and bought the children's beautiful mugs.  (Please don't forget to bake them in an oven before washing them.)  If your child's image has been washed off, you can redo them in Sharpies and then bake them in a hot oven.

In English, we are working on Setting Descriptions.  Here is our Story Map for Under the Sea.   Why not ask your child to read it to you?  They should be able to do it from the Map but the text is below incase they get stuck.   We will innovate it this week and then they should be ready to invent their own incredible descriptions. 

We have also been looking at, 'The Articles, A or AN.'   Many of the children habitually say, 'a apple' etc.  If possible, can you help them to correct this at home.  

Maths is all about MULTIPLICATION and DEVISION.  

The COMMUTATIVE LAW has helped us to think about how multiplication works and what it means when you multiply something.