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Week commencing 25th Nov 2019

Yesterday we had an amazing time learning about the Iron Age at Wandlebury Country Park.  Take a look at some of the things we got up to.  Thank you to our parent helpers and everyone else who contributed to this trip.  All the children would love to take their grown ups to visit (it's just outside Cambridge) and have an even better explore and run.


                  Making bread.                                                  Kneeling to cook bread over an open fire.


Eating our smoky bread.                      Using compasses to find north and east.  People in Iron Age                                                                         Britain did not have watches and used the sun to tell                                                                                     the time.

Weaving hazel sticks into a tiny wattle fence.  Iron Age people used huge versions of this to ake their house walls before covering it in daub (mud and poo).