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Week commencing 25th Nov 2019

Yesterday, we had a really exciting day learning about the Iron Age at Wandlebury Country Park.   All children took part in a range of different activities designed to enrich their understanding of life 2,500 years ago.  They used compasses and found north, learning that most Iron Age dwellings had their doors on the east side to get the most light from the rising sun.  They walked and looked at the ditches that surrounded the fort, protecting it from invaders.  (Later, a second ditch was dug as the Romans came to Britain.)  They learned about burials and battles.  They made sections of wattle which round houses were made from, though disappointingly for some, they did not get to daub them with mud and cow-poo.  They used sling shots to practise defence of the village.  Finally, each child took part in the process of picking, winnowing the chaff and grinding wheat which they then mixed in to a dough, put onto cooking sticks and cooked over an open fire.  Delicious.  Thank you to all those who supported our trip.  

Continuing our science topic, the children used torches to investigate whether items were:  translucent, transparent or opaque.