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Week commencing 20th Jan 2020

The children became archaeologists and discovered a new Egyptian tomb.  They had to navigate along hot, airless tunnels. Eventually, they came across a hidden room which was filled with, 'wonderful things.'  This experience was then used for them to write fantastic newspaper reports.  

This week sees the end of our efforts of multiplication and division.  The children have been working on division by chunking and scaling.  We will be moving on to working with money soon so please allow your children the opportunity to count coins and notes or ask them to give you change from.  There can never be enough of this.  We are also telling the time every day.  If the children do this at home too they will have done at least 600 questions in a year.  

In English, as preparation for their invented reports on the 'Discovery of a new Tomb,' they have been innovating a text to make a News Report about 'High Diving Giraffes.'  It is incredible the stories that get into the news these days!

In science we have begun a unit about forces.  (Pushes, pulls, gravity and magnetism.)  We thoroughly enjoyed working out which surface would apply the greatest friction to toy cars.