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Week commencing 20th Jan 2020

This week, we have completed our disaster texts in English.   There are a whole range of exciting and varied stories that have been produced.  We are also proud that Ruby-May and Leila have been selected to read their poems, on the theme of war, alongside Michael Rosen at Cambridge's Holocaust Memorial Day event this Sunday.  Ruby-May's poem, 'The Damaging War', was especially highly rated by the team organising the event who described it as 'brilliant'!  Have a read below:

In Maths, we have completed our work on space and shape with a week looking at finding missing angles and identifying parts of circles.  Can anyone remember the relationship between the radius and the diameter?  There are lots of facts we need to remember:

The sum of the interior angles of a triangle = 180 degrees

The sum of the interior angles of a quadrilateral = 360 degrees.

The angles on a straight line should add up to 180 degrees.

The angles around a point should equal 360 degrees.

Vertically opposite angles are equal.

Shreyas produced some excellent maths work showing his understanding of some of these facts which is shown here!