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Week commencing 14th Oct 2019

Puppet Week!

What a crazy week we have had this week! Well done to all of the children who took part in the puppet show. 



In Maths this week we have been continuing to add 2-digit numbers using the expanded method. We have begun to look at how we can solve addition equations where the number of ones exceeds ten, so we have to exchange our ones for a ten. We will continue to practise this the first week back after half term. 



In English, this week we have been writing our final letters to Anthony Browne (author of Into the Forest and Willy's Pictures). All children were able to use a salutation and a valediction to write some fantastic letters. Let's hope he writes back soon!



This week we shared out topic homework. A list is provided for children at the beginning of the half term (on the newsletter) and children can choose up to ten house points worth of homework to share with the class. A very well done to Ibrahim and Ollie, who showed excellent endeavour with their homework this term. 

As it was a very hectic week, if children forgot to bring their homework in, I will allow them to show them at later dates throughout this term. 

Here are some of the wonderful homework pieces by Ollie: 


If you have forgotten what the homework options are, I have posted them below: 


Mild = 2

Medium =3

 Hot = 5

Draw or take a picture of an animal in its habitat. 

Draw and label a diagram of a snail. 

Carefully construct a microhabitat for another animal and take a picture to bring in. 


Read a new book by one of our authors.


Visit a library or bookshop and take a picture. Measure and record how long it takes to get there. 

Write your own version of a book you love.


Draw an illustration for a book you love. 


Write a book review.

Write a comparison of two books you have read.