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Week commencing 13th Jan 2020

This week, in English, we have been learning a model text.  The Newspaper Report, 'Boy Defeats Wolf,' which has taken part of our music curriculum in which we have been studying how Prokofiev used the instruments of the orchestra to create character.  Here is our text and our text-map.  Included are areas of our tool kit that we want to see in a good report.  

We also learned to play the Ancient Egyptian game of Senet.  It is excellent for problem solving and strategy effectiveness.  They are becoming masters.  Each child has a set in their homework folder so they can teach you how to play at home. 

Last term we were looking at light and dark in science.  A linked art lesson was to do a study in how light might shine and reflect on items and how to draw this. Our sketch book cutlery drawings are stunning.  We will use chalk and charcoal in a follow up lesson to further the experience.