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Week commencing 13th Jan 2020

This week in Sidney Sussex:

In English we completed our short unit on persuasive texts writing a leaflet persuading people to visit either France or Spain. There were some very convincing examples, check out Bella's, she used all of the toolkit!

In Maths we moved on to division using practical resources. Miss Charles our student teacher taught us a great lesson on problem solving. We had to solve multi-step problems using the skills we had learnt during our multiplication unit to solve problems linked to some of our favourite literary characters.

For example:

Mike and Violet want to know how many chocolate bars they can eat.

Mike eats 576 chocolate bars.

Violet eats 6 times as many. 

How many chocolate bars has Violet eaten?

Charlie eats as many as Violet and Mike put together minus 50. 

How many chocolate bars has Charlie eaten?

Augustus Gloop eats 789 times 5 chocolate bars. 

Who has eaten the most chocolate?

Tricky huh!

In Science:

We continued to learn about renewable and non-renewable forms of energy. We wrote a commentary for a television programme on electricity. Here is Sophie presenting hers: