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Week commencing 11th Nov 2019

This week, in Maths, we took part in the Nrich Maths Webinar.  As part of this, we all had to try and consider big mathematical questions and, more importantly, challenge each other about how we might try to work them out.  One of the challenges we had to consider is how many teddy bears we could fit into our classroom!  As we have a sloping roof, this certainly required some deep thinking.  Have a look at all the jottings Ruby-May and Eva produced when they were trying to find a solution!


In Science, we conducted investigations using paper planes.  We changed a variable to find out if the length of the wings, or the weight, changed how far the planes flew.  Then, we evaluated our investigations and thought about ways we could make it better.

Finally, in English, we completed our newspaper articles.  We made huge progress over the past three weeks!