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Week commencing 10th Feb 2020

The final week of half term.  In maths, we have completed a short unit about money, but please do keep encouraging your child to count money and understand how to give change.  We are moving on to use statistics.  These will include: pictograms, bar-charts and tables.  The children will learn to: gather, record, display and analyse.

In English, we have almost finished our unit on non-cronological reports.  The children are now creating either one on a new creature or a newly discovered Pharaoh.  We will try to publish some of them as soon as they have been completed.  Here is an example of how we created some paragraphs on a fictional creature.  This style of report builds on many areas of learning we ask of the children in Year 3. 

We also mummified tomatoes.  They are at present, 'out in the desert for 40 days,' to dessicate.  The process was very gloopy, slimy, messy and noisy but a lot of fun.

Gonville and Caius have also enjoyed more painting.  We looked carefully at profiles (something the Egyptians used consistently) and made our own Pharaoh heads thinking about line, curve and proportion.  Colour mixing skills were then applied to bring the characters to life.  

Making a pyramid from Lego.

Egyptian Pharaoh profiles from photographs.

Science:  which materials are magnetic?

Finally from this half term:  thank you so much for the wonderful homework that you are supporting your children in completing.  We have a varied and informative display in our classroom and their interest in the topic of Ancient Egypt is inexhaustible.