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Week 7 - commencing 18th May


We hope you are all ready for another week of home learning. We have uploaded your learning tasks to the website and google classroom again this week. It is great to see that so many of you have already joined your google classrooms. Your assignments to hand in this week via google classroom are your history project on the Victorians and your persuasive letter. No other work needs to be submitted. You can attach a photo, a powerpoint / presentation or a word doc to the assignment you are handing in. This is the best way for you to upload your work.


We are looking at units of measurement in maths this week. You will need to click on each link on the right day and it will take you to the Oak Academy website for your daily lesson. Remember to have a pencil and paper to hand for the activities. You do not have to hand in any maths activities via the classroom this week. 







We will be studying persuasive writing this week, in particular writing a persuasive letter. See what you can remember about persuasive writing. You will need to click on the daily link to access the lesson for that day. You will need a pen or pencil and some paper to complete the activity.

You have one activity to hand in for English this week.

On Friday, you will be writing your own persuasive letter. Please take a photo of your finished work and submit it to the google classroom by 3pm on Friday 22nd May.







We would like you to continue with your reading records - remember to fill it in five times a week. There are lots of reading activities in your daily English lesson so we are not asking you to read anything additional this week.

We also thought you might enjoy listening to this. You might need to copy and paste the link, depending on the device you are using:


Remember to practise your weekly spellings. As usual, there are mild, medium and spicy options. Your daily English lesson has some additional spellings for you to have a go at too.


You have one activity to hand in for history this week.

We would like you to complete your Victorian project this week. Please take a photo of it (or write it in google docs) and submit it to our google classroom, if you can, by 3pm on Wednesday 20th May.

Here is an interesting radio programme about the space race. We thought you might enjoy listening to it - you don’t need to do anything else with the information or hand in any work.


We would like you to find out about the water cycle this week.

Click on the link (you may need to copy and paste it) and have a look at the first information sheet (1:1) and complete the activity sheet (1:2) on the water cycle. You can have a go at any of the other activities in the lesson if you want to and have the resources but you don’t have to. “Water Cycle in a Bag” looks like fun!


We have attached another week of Walk Bingo for you.

Remember to have a go at the Body Coach workouts:


Your comments for your reports

Please fill in this form to let us know what you have most enjoyed and what you are most proud of achieving in Year 5.

These comments will be going onto your school report so please think carefully about what you write.​​​​​​​