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Week 2 (8th-12th June)

Please look at the 'Activity Ideas' tab for some new ideas of things to do with your children this week.

The new phonics codes are:

ar - (car, barn, farm)

 nk - (pink, think, sink)

The phonics resources are attached as well as some other activity pages that you may find useful.

Here is a reading challenge that we would like you to complete by Friday 12th June  and put up on Tapestry for us to see.

We would love to see and hear your child reading!

We would like you to record your child reading a book that you have at home or use the Oxford Owl links below.

Remember if your child finds a word difficult to read they can use their phonics blending skills to help them. For example: sh-ee-p, sheep.

Discuss with your child what happened in the story to check for understanding. 

Can you pick out some words and ask them to tell you what they mean? The Quiz Dad Can You Do This? Tiger’s Fish Jack

More challenging: The Trunk Skunk & other stories Greedy Tiger Bad Mood