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Website Links

Here are some websites that  we hope you and your children will find educational and fun.

13th July.

The bird and Worm Yoga - (The Amazing World Of Earthworms In The UK - Springwatch - BBC Two)


 WEEK 10

6th July.

29th June 2020.

Play hangman - phase 5

22nd June 2020

Here is the link for your next music lesson. Have fun! ‘sh’ words Alphablocks for 'sh' and 'ch' revision for songs and games

Look at for ‘sh’ and ‘ch’

15th June 2020

Look at these website links for some more simple Early Years maths songs and games: - ordering numbers - ordinal numbers - sets of numbers - Puzzles and Quizzes on the CBeebies website Sistema music

8th June 2020 Phonics reading books Minibeast Adventures with Jess -Crazy Critters Sistema Music This is the third Sistema music lesson: please take a look! This is the song that we would love your child to listen to and learn. This is a fun song about doubling numbers. A Numberblocks episode about doubling.  These are weekly music lessons from the kids' music charity, Sistema.  this is a great site for playing about with music. In particular, check out the 'Kandinsky' app. - Reception English - Reception Maths Make a face using natural objects What are seasons? What is day and night? What is the lifecycle of a plant? This is the website that has become world-famous: it is Joe Wicks doing his daily PE workout. Try it - it's great! This is the well known author, David Walliams, reading some of his own great, funny writing. This is a lovely opportunity to do some listening, thinking and interacting with MUSIC learning. Give it a try! This is a live stream, every week day at 4pm, to do some cooking lessons. The Fitzwilliam museum have given us a link to do some activities on their website.

Here are some other useful websites for you to visit: This website has some fantastic early years activities for you to try. This is a website that your children will already be familiar with and will support their number work. This will help your child with their phonics. This is a good website for all sorts of games and activities. This is the website for which we have sent home a personal log in with your child. This is a great website for reading and sharing books with your child. This is a website that has games and activities specifically tailored for phonics work. It has been made free for use, during this time, so make the most of it! This is another educational resource website that has made itself free to use during school closure. This website is free during school closures. It is a great way for your child to  be read to and to listen to some of their favourite - and new - stories.