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Summer Term 2019 - 20


The last half term of Year 3.....!!! and what a strange way to complete your first year in KS2!  From now on, all HOME LEARNING will be posted onto GOOGLE CLASSROOMS.  This is because we are trying to stream-line how we see what you have been doing.  We are also working at school with some of the Year groups and supporting the Key-worker's children.  


So, for the time being, please go to GOOGLE CLASSROOMS for all G&C news.  


PARPENDICULAR lines get to heaven because the meet the RIGHT ANGELS.  (Haha)




Hello G&C.  

This week has been the first week where your new GOOGLE CLASSROOMS have been loaded.  So far, 11 of you have made it in and it is very lovely to see the work you have been doing. 

I will continue to post HOME MEARNING here in the folder that has been assigned just for that purpose in the YEAR 3 section, however, if you can use the GOOGLE CLASSROOM, that would be easier I think.  Exactly the same work will be loaded onto the CLASSROOM where hopefully we can all communicate with each other daily.  






Welcome to this most unusual start to a new term.  Summer Term 2020 will certainly be one to remember.  

Here are the positive things I have thought about this morning:  

  • The weather is glorious.
  • I can hear birds singing out of my window.
  • On our walk yesterday, we found five painted stones.  Each one made us smile.
  • I have learned to cook a new dish
  • I am playing the guitar again which is something I have not done in ages.
  • Our front window is covered in pictures of rainbows.