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Reception Phonics


Unit 1

We have recorded some phonics information that we hope you will find useful. We start by explaining the importance of phonics and how we teach it to your children in school.

We explain how to say the sounds correctly, how to blend sounds together to read words and how to segment words to help with writing.






This is a typical phonics lesson which takes place daily.



Unit 1 - Sounds and actions



Games to play at home






Here are some examples of the phonics provision we set up in our classrooms.

 Matching initial sounds to pictures.

 Reading words and matching to picture.

Phonics pages practising letter formation.

 Matching initial sounds to pictures.

 Identifying the initial sound in words.

We have attached some phonics resources for you to use at home:

-Matching initial sounds to pictures.

-Blending sounds together to read words.

-Reading simple sentences.

There are some great websites that you can also use for phonics:

Free e-books sign up to- 

Free games-