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Our Values

At the Trumpington Federation, we believe that every individual matters and has the potential to achieve excellence. We strive to positively address underachievement, and have high expectations of all members of our community. We believe there is no ceiling on learning, and work creatively to remove barriers to achievement, and raise esteem, establishing a culture of “learning for all”.

We aim to deliver a broad, balanced and dynamic curriculum in a learning environment that is attractive, stimulating, informative and instils a sense of pride.Our welcoming, happy and purposeful learning environments reflect our culturally rich and diverse community.

At the core of the Trumpington Federation is our belief in Challenge, Opportunity, Respect and Excellence

By challenge we mean that everyone

  • Is encouraged to improve
  • Sees mistakes as a learning opportunity,
  • Is willing to have a go and help others to achieve their best
  • Appreciates the need to practice key skills and learning at home and at school
  • Is willing to support each other to achieve personal, and shared goals and develop a cohesive community.

By opportunity we mean that everyone

  • Has access to a stimulating and engaging learning programme differentiated to meet their needs
  • Treats each other equally and fairly, values inclusion and are inclusive
  • Develops confidence, and makes the most of all learning opportunities and extracurricular provision fully participating in learning
  • Is provided with timely and effective feedback
  • Is given time to reflect, improve and develop their knowledge, understanding and skills

By respect we mean that everyone:

  • Values and cares for all members of our community
  • Values the right of all members of our community to learn
  • At all times displays good manners and treats each other with courtesy
  • Celebrates diversity and the positive role diversity plays in our community and society
  • Values and cares for the school buildings, facilities, resources and the broader environment of Trumpington.

By excellence we mean that everyone

  • Has high expectations of themselves and of the federation
  • Is proud of their achievements and the achievements of others
  • Sets high standards and personal goals
  • Makes effective use of opportunities, time and resources to maximise learning
  • Is focussed on ensuring our children have access to an innovative engaging and dynamic curriculum which enables them to be successful in life.